About Us

our story

“Lovely Textiles & Tailoring’s mission is to adhere to principle and never forget our core principle: that we create and provide our clients with an exceptional level of quality, in terms of product as well as service…..it is not just for the profits. Once our Clients are happy, The profits will follow when we have remembered our principle and delivered what we promised them”

We are committed to building long term relationships with our customers, employees and suppliers based on integrity and a dedication to excellence.”

our Vision

Unravel the negative environmental effects of fast fashion while saving customers time and money by providing top quality, affordable alterations nationwide. Providing the best quality alterations possible to our customers. Supporting our customers with superior customer service.

Reducing waste by helping people wear the clothes they already own instead of buying new ones. Saving customers time by empowering them to order alterations from the comfort of their home.

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